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Inhuman': Austrian Baker Whips Up Cake Version of Twin Tower Attacks


"The confectioner has made an inhuman comparison."

An Austrian bakery owner says one of his latest confections is meant to address a political battle in his own country. Others say it's in bad taste.

The oversized cake is a depiction of planes crashing into the World Trade Center on 9/11.

Vienna baker Thomas Kienbauer draped each tower with the colors of the Social Democratic Party of Austria and the Austrian People's Party and depicted one plane as the opposing Freedom Party of Austria, the Washington Post reported.

"My customers have predominantly reacted positively to my latest creation," Kienbauer told the Post. It's currently on display in his shop. "I know about the sensitivity of 9/11 and I certainly did not want to ridicule the tragedy."

Not everyone agrees with his approach, however.

Readers of the Austrian Heute news website were not happy. "One should not ridicule a terror attack," one commenter wrote, according to the Post. Another said, "Thousands of people died. This is disrespectful."

"With his 9/11 tower, the confectioner has made an inhuman comparison," Austrian political analyst Thomas Hofer told The Post in an email, adding that "to compare the erosion of an electorate with the fall of the Twin Towers is impious."

(H/T: New York Daily News)

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