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The Moment a Wheelchair-Bound 'Price Is Right' Contestant Wins 'Cringeworthy' Prize



Image source: YouTube

On Tuesday's episode of "The Price is Right," a contestant won over $6,000 in prizes playing the "1 Correct Price" game.

Image source: YouTube

The contestant, Danielle Perez, was shown two items and one price. If she selected the correct item to the price, she would win both. The two big prizes on this episode, an expensive treadmill and a three-person home sauna.

Danielle correctly matched the sauna to the $3,695 price tag and won both prizes. Almost instantly, the Internet took note of the win because the winner in this game is wheelchair-bound.


It was not all bad news. Perez joined in on the fun, posting the following comment.

TheBlaze reached out to CBS for comment and to see if the woman was offered an alternate prize.

Watch the segment being dubbed 'cringeworthy" -- just not by the woman who won the game.


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