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Baseball Superstar's Brain Fart Leads to Embarrassing, and Rare, Play



(Source: MLB TV screen shot)

Albert Pujols is known as one of the good guys in Major League Baseball. But even good guys are prone to brain farts from time to time.

That's exactly what happened during the Angels' Thursday night matchup with Houston.

With only one out in the bottom of the fourth, Angels player Matt Joyce hit a pop fly to Astros center fielder Jake Marisnick. Marisnick made the catch for the second out, but then noticed something: Pujols had already rounded second base and was headed for the dugout, thinking that Joyce had made the third out.

That's when Marisnick trotted to first base, touched the bag, and completed a rare, unassisted, center-fielder double-play.

Watch it all unfold below:

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