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Insane Video: 'Wild' Woman Relentlessly Attacks Convenience Store Worker and Trashes Displays in Rampage


"I just got my nails done."

A cellphone video that appears to have just hit the Internet depicts a woman trashing a convenience store and repeatedly attacking what looks like a store worker who tried to stop her.

Image source: Live Leak

In first seconds of the the nearly four-and-a-half-minute clip, the woman — dressed in a white short-sleeved shirt and orange shorts — knocks over displays and yells.

Image source: Live Leak via YouTube

"She is a wild thing!" one observer noted, standing among a crowd of about a dozen cheering on the proceedings from outside the store — but failing to intervene on behalf of the store employee.

Image source: Live Leak via YouTube

"She's gonna break that window!" one observer said, laughing.

"Alright, lemme back up if she kicks through it!" another onlooker said.

While the video shows the woman unable to break the front-door window, she did elbow through a display above the counter. After that the store worker managed to push her outside.

Sitting on the front sidewalk, the woman calmly remarked that "I just got my nails done."

Image source: Live Leak via YouTube

With that she attacked the worker again. As the pair fought outside the store...

Image source: Live Leak via YouTube

...the employee knocked the woman to the ground, to more cheering from onlookers.

Image source: Live Leak via YouTube

But she wasn't through, getting back up and yelling through the now-closed front doors, "I f***in' trashed your store!"

With that, she rushed ahead quickly and — despite the store worker leaning against the closed doors — pushed through the entrance and repeatedly struck the worker.

Image source: Live Leak via YouTube

But he got more forceful, throwing what appeared to be several punches at the woman, who was again relegated to the sidewalk — and then the clip ends.

It's unclear where and when the video was recorded or if police became involved.

Here's the clip. (Content warning: Lots of profanity and multiple N-word utterances ahead.)

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