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For God's Sake!': Huckabee Fires Back When Fox Host Puts a 'False Comparison' on Gay Marriage to Him


"It's a matter of balance of power."

Image via Fox News/YouTube

Fox News' Chris Wallace and former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee went toe-to-toe Sunday as Wallace grilled Huckabee over his legal proclamations.

Huckabee, who launched his official bid for the White House earlier this month, has spoken out against the Supreme Court possibly determining same-sex marriage to be the law of the land.

So Wallace asked the big question: Would a "President Huckabee" defy the Supreme Court just like another Arkansas governor, "segregation's champion" Orval Faubus, did in 1957 over the integration of public schools?

"Chris, the Supreme Court isn't the supreme branch, and for God's sake it isn't the Supreme Being," Huckabee said.

He noted that in the case of Faubus' fight against segregation, racial integration was the law not just according to the Supreme Court, but also according to the legislative and executive branches of government as well.

"It's a matter of balance of power," he said, noting that that analogizing the fight against gay marriage and the fight against segregation was a "false comparison."

Watch the exchange below:

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