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The Cool DIY 'Laser Shotgun' So Powerful You Just Have to See It to Believe It


"This is definitely the craziest thing I have ever built..."

Image source: YouTube

Drake Anthony, aka the D-I-Y Laser Guy, has been tearing apart and building lasers since he was 12 years old. He has also been posting videos demonstrating these homemade lasers on his popular Styropyro YouTube channel.

Image source: YouTube

On Sunday, Anthony uploaded a new video showing off the power of a 40 watt "laser shotgun" he built at home. Something he said he was even afraid to build but did because he could and it wasn't illegal.

He mounted an apparatus that includes eight 5W laser beams (totaling to 40W) in a parallel fashion behind a magnifying glass.

Image source: YouTube 

In the short video, Anthony demonstrates the power of his new creation on a series of balloons, some black powder, a piece of wood and more, easily igniting a host of items -- typically in less than a second.

Image source: YouTube 

Watch the entire video.


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