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Watch What Happens When Professor Drops Can of Coke Into Bucket of Liquid Nitrogen


A video posted online shows a University of Nottingham professor drop a can of Coca-Cola into liquid nitrogen.

Published to YouTube Monday, the footage shows British chemist Martyn Poliakoff attempt the experiment twice and get varied results.

The first time Poliakoff dropped the can of coke into the liquid nitrogen, it almost immediately burst open, causing the soft drink to escape and freeze around its original container. The professor described how the frozen soda looked as "artwork."

The second time Poliakoff placed the can into the liquid nitrogen, the can failed to burst until the soda was already frozen inside. When the can did finally crack open, the frozen soft drink simply remained inside the ruptured can.

The British professor also attempted the experiment with a bottle of Pepsi. The soda froze inside the container and the bottle never ruptured.

At the time of publication, Poliakoff's video had amassed almost 50,000 views on YouTube.

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