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CNN Host Don Lemon Accepts Offer From Glenn Beck: 'Of Course



While CNN host Don Lemon and Glenn Beck likely disagree on a litany of issues, both men agree that the politically correct culture in the U.S. is doing more harm than good.

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After hearing Lemon’s recent comments about political correctness and the intolerance shown by “liberals and progressives,” Beck had some words of praise for the CNN host. He even extended a genuine offer to have him on the air for a constructive discussion.

“We may disagree on some really fundamental issues, but I bet that we would end up liking each other to this degree — he’s unpredictable,” Beck said. “And because of that it shows that he is actually independently thinking, he’s not lockstep with anybody else.”

Beck continued: “I’ve disagreed with him a lot of times, I’ve agreed with him a lot of times. And we have pointed this out, he seems to be an honest broker. And I’d like to see if he’d be willing to have a conversation with me. Because he’s the kind of guy that you can make progress with.”

When contacted by Mediate on Tuesday about Beck’s offer, Lemon said he would “of course” go on Beck’s show, and invited him on his CNN show as well.

“I’m always open to constructive dialogue. There’s too much yelling, name calling and pandering lately. I welcome any attempt at reaching common ground,” Lemon told Mediate.


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