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She Was a Prostitute at the End of Her Rope When She Says a Near-Death Experience Changed Everything: 'It Felt Like I Was in Hell


"My funeral starts going before my eyes..."

After years of prostitution and drug abuse, Annie Lobert had come to the very end of herself.

One night back in 2003, after snorting six lines of cocaine in a desperate effort to numb the pain, Lobert had a terrifying near-death experience -- and a vision -- that changed everything.

"It felt like I was in hell," she told TheBlaze of her near-fatal overdose. "My funeral starts going before my eyes and the light hits my coffin, and my family starts walking down the aisle, shaking their head, saying 'She was just a drug-addicted prostitute.'"

In the midst of the chaos, Lobert began desperately begging Jesus to save her life. Then, something happened that forever changed her life. Watch her amazing story below:

The story was also featured on Saturday's edition of "Pure Opelka" on TheBlaze Radio.

Find out more about Lobert's new book, "Fallen: Out of the Sex Industry & Into the Arms of the Savior."

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