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Did You Catch Angel Soft's Ad Wishing Moms a 'Happy Father's Day'? (POLL)



Father's Day is upon us, and millions have spent the last hours in millions of different ways — and there are likely just as many viewpoints on the meaning of this day, just as with Mother's Day.

Which may be part of the reason why Angel Soft ran an ad this week featuring adults talking about all the ways their mothers stepped up and raised them, essentially taking on the role of mother and father:

But what has received the most attention is the conclusion of the commercial, where the speakers take turns wishing their moms a "Happy Father's Day."

The ad has touched a nerve. Some people really liked it, sharing that it captures what their growing-up years were like. One person commented on Angel Soft's Facebook page, "Beautiful!! I always wish my DAD a Happy Mother's Day."

But plenty of people hated the ad, saying it represents yet another swipe against the stereotypical absentee, passive, never-around, do-nothing dad — and why is Angel Soft crowding out dads from their special day, particularly those who don't fit the stereotypes.

"Distasteful at best," Darin Hadinger commented. "Mothers have Mother's Day, Single Parents have a day as well. Let's stop watering down or de-valuing the importance of a father. I would never try to pretend or replace my kids mother, regardless that we are apart. She has her role with the kids, as I have mine."

In fact, one woman devoted an entire op-ed to the subject, declaring that she wouldn't be wishing her mother a happy Father's Day. Here's the crux of Syreeta Martin's argument:

And I certainly don’t want my daughters thinking that a woman can provide the same kind of love to her child that a man can. Ask any “daddy’s girls” if there’s a love on this earth like their fathers', and I guarantee they’ll tell you there isn’t.

So no, Angel Soft and America, it is not a "Happy Father’s Day to Mothers." We have our day, and quite frankly, at the rate that society is changing, we need to go back to the drawing board. Find one day that allows us to honor all parents and caregivers. Thank you.

And in the midst of the backlash, other outlets fought back in favor of the ad. Esquire contributor Dave Holmes' "What Are Men's Rights Groups Angry About Now? Toilet Paper" said as much.

So tell us, readers of TheBlaze: What do you think of the Angel Soft ad? Fine and dandy? Outrageous?

Take TheBlaze poll below and make sure to share your more detailed points in the comments section as well.

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