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Conservative Commentator S.E. Cupp Breaks Down On-Air After Gay Marriage Ruling: We're Going to Become 'Relics' if We Don't Accept This


"Those people there are not pariahs, they are patriots."

S.E. Cupp (file)

Conservative commentator and Blaze contributor S.E. Cupp broke down on-air Friday after the Supreme Court decided in favor of same-sex marriage. Cupp was overjoyed and said Republicans have to accept gay marriage or risk becoming "relics."

"Frankly, it's — sorry — hard to watch that and not get emotional," an emotional Cupp said on CNN in response to a question by Wolf Blitzer. "Those people there are not pariahs, they are patriots. And wherever you stand on the politics of this issue, and I've long been in support of gay rights, it's hard not to see these people as just wanting the human dignity that the rest of us have."

"I would just challenge members of my party to look at the faces on the right hand of your screen and ask yourself if they deserve the same sort of dignity that the rest of us get to enjoy," she went on to say. "You can argue with the Supreme Court's rationale and whether or not they had the right to make this decision on behalf of individual states, but this is America, those people are Americans and that is our future."

"My party really has to reconcile with the fact that we are going to become relics if we don't get to where these people are," she added. "They are patriots, they are not asking for a lot. And it's really time for the party politics to shift on this."

Cupp also said she believes gay marriage is good for families.

"This is something we should be applauding. These aren't people who are trying to get rid of the institution of marriage, these are people who want to be a part of it," she said. "And that's a good thing for American family values, that's a good thing for children, that's a good thing for adoption, that's a good thing for economic stability."

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