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Brad Thor Warns That This Increasingly Dominant Trend Will Be the 'Death of This Nation


"The trap is set"

Brad Thor guest hosted the Glenn Beck Program July 16, 2015. (Photo: TheBlaze TV)

Bestselling author Brad Thor on Thursday warned that America faces many threats, but if we continue cowering to the laws of political correctness it will be "the death of us."

"[Progressives have] chosen a clever path -- wordplay and bullying," Thor said while guest hosting The Glenn Beck Program. "Here's how it works: Progressives lay out an unconstitutional idea -- let's say amnesty, for example. They give it a flowery name like 'dreamers.' Now the trap is set."

Thor said anyone who disagrees is "publicly chastised, mocked, ridiculed as a paranoid racist who wants to crush the dreams of poor minority immigrants."

"Progressives have unleashed a war on thought, and since speech governs thought, political correctness is being used to change the way we speak and even the meaning of our words," Thor argued. "Don't believe in same-sex marriage? You're a homophobe. ... How about not believing in the redistribution of wealth? You obviously hate poor people. How about amnesty; do you believe in that? No? Well you obviously hate Mexicans."

Brad Thor guest hosted the Glenn Beck Program July 16, 2015. (Photo: TheBlaze TV)

"But you believe in God? That makes you an extremist zealot," Thor added. "The owners of Memories Pizza found this out the hard way. They were sought out, isolated and viciously smeared merely for answering a hypothetical question about wedding pizza! They were forced to temporarily close their doors simply for having a different opinion. My God, a high school coach even threatened to burn the shop to the ground!"

Thor said political correctness is the "vehicle that's now used to chastise, label and bludgeon the population into conformity," and the price of non-conformity is growing increasingly severe.

"If the government is capable of using [the IRS as a weapon] against certain political viewpoints, just think what they'll do with Obamacare," Thor warned. "How much power, how much leverage do they have over the country now that they have access to your medical records? Forget the power of the IRS. This has the capability to be 1,000 times worse."

Thor asked why the Supreme Court was so eager to re-write the legislation to make it legal, saying "words matter" and "twisting them, changing them and limiting them is a dangerous precedent."

"As George Orwell said in 1985, if thought corrupts language, language can also corrupt thought," he concluded.

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