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Black Lives Matter Activists Thought They Identified Cop Who Pepper Sprayed Protesters, but They Were Wrong

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After a video surfaced of a Cleveland police officer pepper spraying protesters outside of a 'Black Lives Matter' conference, Twitter vigilantes decided they would find out just who that officer was.

Somehow, an activist identified Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority Lieutenant Sean O'Neil in the video and outed him on Twitter. Unfortunately, there was just one problem — he's not the guy.

According to Mediaite, the misidentification of O'Neil spun out of control after it was discovered that he sued the department after it promoted a supposedly less-qualified African-American officer.

On his LinkedIn page, O'Neil squashed the claims that he was the officer in the video, claiming that he has been assigned to the night shift for the past few years.

"You can imagine my surprise when I started receiving calls for work about being targeted by Anonymous and that my name was being thrown all around the Twitterverse and other social media sites," he said in the statement. "With the help a good friend, I have been able to get word out regarding this case of mistaken identity, so while I had to disable my other social media accounts, things have begun to settle down and it would appear many have begun to realize the error of their ways."

Mediaite reported that while many have hastily deleted the erroneous tweets, some still remain.

Watch the cell phone footage of the incident below.

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