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Buck Says These 'Indefensible' Positions Are Why He's Glad He's Not a Democrat

TheBlaze's Buck Sexton guest hosts the Glenn Beck Program July 28, 2015. (Photo: TheBlaze TV)

TheBlaze's national security adviser Buck Sexton on Tuesday said he's glad he isn't a Democrat because "it'd get really tiring" trying to justify their many "indefensible" positions.

As Sexton sees it, Democrats' message for the American people is: "Hey, you're incompetent. You can't build a business without government. You can't earn a pay raise without government. You need government to set your thermostat, to choose your car, to pay for your health insurance. You can't be trusted with firearms, no. You don't know what the right foods are to eat. ... You're a petulant little child, more or less incapable of sound decision-making."

Sexton said the only place where Democrats believe in the American people to make their own decisions is when it comes to abortion.

"There's no defense to cutting up an unborn baby on a pie plate while discussing how much money you can charge for each body part, like Planned Parenthood does," he said. "By the way, there's another horrific video out today. It shows them literally cutting up a baby into pieces and casually chatting about how much money they'll get out of it."

TheBlaze's Buck Sexton guest hosts the Glenn Beck Program July 28, 2015. (Photo: TheBlaze TV)

"Abortion is itself indefensible. However, they repeat over and over again the mantra: 'A woman has a right to her own body' ... and it takes the focus off the actual policy and it shifts it to a fake one," he added. "The left does this all the time, but Republicans don't help themselves. They can't seem to get out of their own way."

Sexton said the reason Democrats cling to "fake issues" -- for instance, focusing on the "war on women" during the 2012 election instead of actual wars being fought around the globe -- is part of a larger plan that he called the "don't look too closely at our crap-tastic policies effect."

"Real issues get pushed aside, and fake issues suddenly appear out of nowhere and hog all the airtime," he said. "The left loves to talk about fake issues rather than real ones. I can't blame them. I mean, imagine what it's like being a liberal and trying to defend your policies."

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