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CNN Host Gives 12-Word Suggestion to WH Press Sec After Exchange Over Planned Parenthood Videos


"Somebody at the White House should..."

White House press secretary Josh Earnest was given a piece of advice by CNN host Jake Tapper following an exchange Monday about the series of undercover Planned Parenthood videos purporting to show officials discussing the sale of aborted fetus parts.

"Somebody at the White House should maybe watch the videos in full," the CNN host told Earnest.

[sharequote align="center"]"Somebody at the White House should maybe watch the videos in full."[/sharequote]

The comment came after Tapper grilled Earnest on the videos. During the interview, the press secretary admitted he had not watched them himself and was only "relying on news reports" to come to his conclusion.

"Is it your contention in these secretly recorded videotapes of Planned Parenthood officials discussing what sounds like profiting from fetal tissue and organ sales. There's nothing in these tapes that bothers you or anyone in the White House?" Tapper asked Earnest.

"Jake, I got to tell you. these videos were released because of their shock value and there is no doubt what is depicted on these videos is shocking," Earnest replied. "I know that based on news reports, I haven't actually looked at them, but people who have looked at them have raised significant questions about whether or not these videos are credible. About whether or not they have been selectively edited in a way to grossly distort the position and polices of Planned Parenthood."

When Tapper told Earnest that the raw, unedited footage is also available online, Earnest again reiterated that he was relying on reports and had not seen the video himself.

"I'm relying on news reports that I have seen of people who have taken a look at this and raised questions ... there's no doubt this is an organization that has targeted Planned Parenthood for some time so they clearly have an ideological ax to grind," he said.


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