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Beck says the presidency has changed in an 'extraordinarily dangerous' way in recent years


Glenn Beck warned Thursday that the American presidency has changed in an "extraordinarily dangerous" way in recent years.

Speaking with a studio audience on his television program, Beck remarked: "The presidency has changed since Bill Clinton, and it's about to change even more. When we were growing up, the presidency was your last deal. You were the president and then you retired. You went away and you died. Not anymore."

Beck said the presidency has become a "stepping stone" to greater wealth and power, which is "extraordinarily dangerous."

"Every president from Bill Clinton on will be a billionaire, as long as the United States remains a republic. A billionaire, guaranteed," Beck continued. "Who has the character to be able to look at the presidency not as a stepping stone for -- 'Yeah I have to do this for four years or eight years, and I want to do a good job on it, but afterwards I'm going to be able to get whatever the hell I want done'?"

"Who has that character?" Beck asked. "Because every single one of them are going to face that if they win, and every single one of them [is] hearing that call: 'Global initiative.'"

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