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Rand Paul: 'Nothing' That Donald Trump Supports Is 'What the Tea Party Was About


"I think to me the most offensive of the positions that he's taken..."

Republican presidential candidate Rand Paul discusses Donald Trump's political positions on Sept. 9, 2015. (Photo: TheBlaze TV)

Republican presidential candidate Rand Paul said Wednesday that "nothing" that rival Donald Trump is for "is what the Tea Party was about."

Speaking to Glenn Beck, the Kentucky senator listed the bank bailouts, the stimulus, higher taxes, Obamacare and taking private property through eminent domain as issues Trump has supported that are at odds with the principles of the Tea Party.

"I think to me the most offensive of the positions that he's taken isn't that he was for Obamacare before he was against it, or that he's for higher taxes or the government stimulus," Paul said. "It probably is this notion of private property. Most of his business deals have been predicated upon asking government to take land from other people."

Paul later speculated that Tea Party supporters may be flocking to Trump because "they're seeing the anger but they haven't yet seen the substance; they think his substance is going to match his rhetoric and I think ultimately there's a learning process here. … there needs to be a discovery process about what he's for."

Beck's entire interview with Paul will air Monday at 5 p.m. on The Glenn Beck Program on TheBlaze TV.

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