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Fox News Host's Warning: Defiant Kentucky Clerk Is Setting 'Dangerous Precedent


"She doesn't have a legal leg to stand on."

Image source: Fox News

Fox News host Andrea Tantaros believes that defiant Kentucky clerk Kim Davis "doesn't have a legal leg to stand on" and that she's setting a "dangerous precedent" with her refusal to grant gay marriage licenses.

"The problem is she's essential rewriting the laws of that county by not issuing [licenses]," Tantaros told fellow host Bill O'Reilly on Wednesday night. "As a Christian I do feel sorry for her and I'm sympathetic to her beliefs, however she doesn't have a legal leg to stand on."

She said that Davis doesn't have the right to unilaterally decide that she won't enforce the law, claiming that such action is problematic and sets a negative standard moving forward.

"It sets a dangerous precedent," Tantaros continued. "A woman with Shariah not issuing drivers licenses to women, because she doesn't believe she can drive, or say somebody who says, 'I don't believe in the Second Amendment so I'm not going to give gun permits.'"

Watch Tantaros discuss Davis' case below:

O'Reilly said that Davis reserves the right under the constitution to be a "conscientious objector," but that she must "take what comes" if she chooses to double down on her stance.

(H/T: Mediaite)

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