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A Lie From the Pit of Hell!': Man Shouts About 'Sin' and 'Homosexual Sodomy' as Lesbian Couple Gets Marriage License at Defiant Kentucky Clerk's Office


"Your sin is going to be your demise."

Defiant Kentucky clerk Kim Davis told reporters on Monday that she still refuses to issue gay marriage licenses and that she won't stop her deputy clerks from doing so, but when she later retreated to her office with the shades closed, a spectacle unfolded.

Reporters swarmed the Rowan County clerk's office in the morning as lesbian couple Shannon and Carmen Wampler-Collins applied for a marriage license — all while Davis remained behind closed doors in her office, Mediaite reported.

Meanwhile, a protester could be heard yelling over the crowd of reporters and onlookers, warning the couple of their "sin" and proclaiming that "homosexual sodomy" comes from the pits of hell, as the women stood before the deputy clerk to receive their marriage license.

Watch the scene unfold below:

"It's your sin that brought you here. Your sin — your sin is going to be your demise," the unidentified man said, interspersing his condemnation with messages about Jesus' love.

He went on to issue proclamations about marriage being restricted to one man and one woman.

"It is a lie from the pit of hell that destroys those who particulate in homosexual sodomy and destroys nations that approve of that!" he shouted of gay unions. "That certificate you're getting is not a valid marriage certificate. It is not!"

The lesbian couple seemingly didn't respond to his comments.

The marriage license for Shannon and Carmen Wampler-Collins does not have Davis' name nor her title on it and, instead, reads "pursuant to federal court order" and, rather than including Rowan County, it lists the city of Morehead, CNN reported.

Davis said earlier on Monday that she would not be listing her name and title on licenses, and acknowledged that she is not sure how this impacts the legality of these documents.

(H/T: Mediaite)

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