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Caught on Video: Rapper Azealia Banks, Who Hates ‘Fat, White Americans,’ Goes Ballistic on L.A. Jet


"Give me my s**t."

Photo by Christie Goodwin/Redferns via Getty Images

Rapper Azealia Banks was reportedly unhappy about how long it took to disembark an airplane Tuesday morning and verbally assaulted other passengers.

According to celebrity gossip site TMZ, Banks had been sitting in the sixth row of the plane that landed in Los Angeles just before 1 a.m. TMZ reported that she attempted to be one of the first people off the plane, but a French couple in the third row were blocking her path as they got their luggage from the overhead bin.

Azealia Banks performs on stage at Brixton Academy in London. (Christie Goodwin/Redferns via Getty Images)

That's when a witnesses reportedly told TMZ that she attempted to squeeze past the couple, but the man put his hand out. TMZ said she then spat at the man and assaulted him, which prompted a flight attendant to come up to Banks, grab her bag and tell her to calm down.

In footage taken by another witness, Banks can be heard screaming at the flight attendant to unhand her bag and called him a "f*****g faggot."

"Give me my s**t," Banks said.

"I'm trying to go home. I need my bag," Banks told a pilot who came to address the situation. Banks also said the French man hit her, but witnesses disputed that claim, according to TMZ.

TMZ reported that the police were called and met Banks at baggage claim, but the French couple, who are on vacation, decided not to press charges.

According to the Daily Mail, Banks also said that she had been assaulted by the French tourist, but those tweets have been deleted. She still has some tweets that refer to the incident, and many use strong language.

Watch the altercation between Banks and the flight attendant below. (Content warning: Strong language.)

Banks is no stranger to controversy. Earlier this year she discussed how much she hates "fat, white Americans" and said that people who live in middle America are "these racist conservative white people who live on their farms," during an interview with Playboy.

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