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Expert Outlines 'Islamic Prophecies of the End Times' and How They're Influencing Islamic State Chaos in Middle East Today


"They believe they are rebuilding God's kingdom on Earth..."

Supporters of the Islamic State carry the terror group's flag. (AP Photo)

Author and scholar Will McCants appeared on "Morning Joe" on Wednesday to outline certain Islamic prophecies about the end times that he said are helping create chaos in the Middle East.

"In Islamic prophecies of the end times Iraq and Syria figure very large. That's where the final battles with the infidels are supposed to take place," explained Will McCants, author of the new book "The ISIS Apocalypse." "The Islamic State his using this material to recruit foreign fighters and they're using it to great effect."

McCants said that tens of thousands of foreigners have flocked to join the Islamic State for one key reason: "They believe they are rebuilding God's kingdom on Earth, and they're building up for a final confrontation with the infidels."

Watch the scholar's comments about the Islamic State's end times theology below:

In discussing the dire situation in Syria, McCants said that the best idea would be to arm local Sunni Arab tribes in an effort to help them stave off Islamic State militants and protect their own people. 

As TheBlaze reported earlier this month, author Joel C. Rosenberg has issued similar warnings about the Islamic State's end times theology, positing that the greatest threat to America’s security is now coming from “apocalyptic Islam,” a dangerous, end times philosophy that he said many world leaders simply fail to understand.

Differentiating between “radical Islam” and “apocalyptic Islam,” Rosenberg said that the latter has replaced the former as the key and primary security concern, as he believes that eschatology is now motivating extremists to do the unthinkable.

“The forces of radical Islam want to attack us, while the forces of apocalyptic Islam want to annihilate us,” Rosenberg told TheBlaze earlier this month. “Radical Islam is like Al Qaeda, the Taliban, Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas and various terror groups [that are] trying to drive us out of the holy lands and holy places that they consider sacred to Islam.”

But he said that apocalyptic Islam is an entirely different animal, as it is comprised of individuals and groups who believe that their messiah is coming at any moment — and that they must abide by his will at any cost.

“If they are not faithful, they [believe they] will burn in the fires of hell with no escape,” he said, explaining that the Islamic Mahdi, or messiah, is at the heart of the theology. “The way to serve Mahdi is to annihilate Judeo-Christian civilization and, in so doing, establish God’s kingdom on Earth, known as the caliphate.”

Read more about Rosenberg's views here.

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