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God Will Judge Our Country for This': Evangelist Franklin Graham Goes After Obama for 'Celebrating Sin


"Same-sex marriage is a sin against God."

Franklin Graham before an interview at the Associated Press office on Tuesday, Oct. 15, 2013 in New York. (AP Photo/Peter Morgan)

Evangelist Franklin Graham said that both he and his father, famed preacher Billy Graham, are most concerned about the "moral decline" that they see in American culture, accusing the Obama administration of "celebrating sin" in a recent interview with The Church Boys podcast.

"Our country has changed so much, and we've seen the moral decline — and that moral decline being led by the Obama administration, and championing things like same-sex marriage, which is really defiance against God," Graham said. "Same-sex marriage is a sin against God. God made us male and female."

The evangelist, who was in New York to discuss his father Billy Graham’s new book, "Where I Am: Heaven, Eternity, and Our Life Beyond," then reiterated his belief that President Barack Obama's administration has been facilitating and holding up "sin."

"And then to say that marriage is between two men or two women, this is sin and the Obama administration is celebrating sin and they are pushing sin," he continued.

While Graham said that he wasn't trying to bash gays and lesbians, he said that he wanted to let them know that their actions — in his eyes — are not in line with God's purpose for their lives.

Listen to Graham's remarks below:

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"I'm not bashing them, but I want them to know the truth, that the lifestyle that they are living, God will one day judge that," he said of gays and lesbians. "And they'll stand before God and God will condemn that and they will spend an eternity separated from him."

Graham said that he believes that a gay person can absolutely be forgiven, but that he or she must "turn from" his or her sin.

If his father were still preaching as fervently as he did in the past, Graham said that Billy Graham, too, would be warning America about the nation's current cultural trajectory.

"I'm not my father, but my father was also outspoken in his younger years," Graham said, citing his father's past decision to visit the former Soviet Union. "My father had some controversy in his day ... I think today he would have spoken out, especially on things like same-sex marriage, because this is so wrong, and God will judge our country for this."

Listen to the first part of Graham's interview about Muslim immigration below:

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