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Celebrity Family Reveals Fears They Faced After Seeing Daughter's Ultrasound and the 'Life-Changing Moment' That Followed


"The delivery room kind of turned into chaos."

"Duck Dynasty" stars Jase and Missy Robertson have relied on faith and family to navigate the intense health struggles that their daughter, Mia, has faced over the past decade, detailing their harrowing journey in a recent interview with The Church Boys podcast.

Missy Robertson, whose new book "Blessed, Blessed...Blessed" released this week, discussed how the family has coped with Mia's bilateral cleft lip and palate diagnosis, and detailed the tough surgeries that the brave 12 year old has undergone.

Before having Mia, Robertson said that she thought she wouldn't be able to have any more kids. She had delivered two healthy boys, but then had a tubal pregnancy that put the possibility of future babies into question.

It was at that point that Missy said that she and Jase decided to simply accept what God had given them.

"[We thought], 'You know what, we're happy. We're satisfied with two healthy beautiful boys. If that's what our family's supposed to look like, we're fine with that,'" she recalled thinking.

Three months later, though, Missy and Jase were surprised to learn that she was pregnant with Mia.

Listen to the Robertsons share their story below:

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"At first, we were just overjoyed," Jase told The Church Boys. "And then the second ultrasound, all of the sudden we know, 'Okay, there's going to be some issues.'"

After discovering that Mia had a cleft palate, the parents found themselves questioning why they were facing such adversity, but they relied on their Christian faith and their family to help guide them through.

Then, when Mia arrived, there were additional problems, as Jase and Missy were told that their baby was struggling to breathe on her own.

"Once we knew that she was severe and she wasn't breathing well on her own, then the delivery room kind of turned into chaos," Jase said, explaining that it was a "life-changing moment," as his fears changed from worrying about what Mia would look like to then fearing for her ability to survive.

Eight surgeries and multiple procedures later, Mia — who accompanied her parents to TheBlaze newsroom — is alive, well and flourishing.

Watch highlights from the interview below as well:

In addition to sharing Mia's story in "Blessed, Blessed...Blessed," Missy and Jase have launched the Mia Moo Fund, a charity aimed at "raising awareness and funds towards research, treatments and causes of cleft lip and palate."

During their interview with TheBlaze, the Robertsons also discussed some light-hearted subjects such as Jase's famed beard, with Missy saying that her husband hasn't been clean-shaven since June 2010.

Jase also offered up a comical story about how his father, Phil Robertson, once had a mouse try to create a nest inside of his beard.

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