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Jindal Recounts Response He Received When He Asked Obama Question in Closed-Door Meeting: ‘Listen to the Arrogance…’


"I ask him a question."

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal described to TheBlaze TV Monday a reply he received from President Barack Obama when he suggested in a closed-door meeting a way to lower student debt.

Jindal, who is seeking the Republican nomination for president, revealed what happened during an appearance on "The Glenn Beck Program."

"The president meets with the governors once a year," he explained. "Every president does this. ... Democrat and Republican in a private room with him. No press — they kick the press out after a few minutes."

"I ask him a question," Jindal continued. "I said, 'Mr. President, you are so worried about rising student debt, rightfully. And you brag about the power of the pen and the phone.' I said, 'There's something you can do about this without spending more money. What if you broke up the accrediting monopolies, because you are limiting competition in higher education?'"

[sharequote align="right"]"Listen to the arrogance of the president's answer."[/sharequote]

Jindal added that another governor "asked a similar question on health care."

"Behind closed doors, there are a lot of Democratic governors, they wouldn't say this publicly, they would say, 'Look, if you took away the red tape and bureaucracy, you could cut 10 to 15 percent and I could run these programs more efficiently,'" the Louisiana governor explained.

Jindal, however, wasn't pleased with the reply he received back from Obama.

"Listen to the arrogance of the president's answer," he said. "Now, he's talking to a room full of governors — Democrats and Republicans. He goes, to me and the other governor, 'Well, if we did that, there would be people dying in the streets, they wouldn't get the health care that they need, and there would be students getting ripped off because they wouldn't get the education that they need.'"

"So what he is basically saying is, you guys, these states, you aren't smart enough ... you all aren't smart enough to do this," Jindal continued. "You need the federal government to protect you from yourselves."

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