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Family Believes God Sent Them a Message After Discovering What Happened to This Bible Inside of Their Flood-Ravaged Home


"We are clinging to our faith and our God."


Members of a South Carolina family who lost almost everything that they own during recent flooding were shocked days after the waters receded to discover two items that were left untouched inside of their home: a Bible and a check that had been written to their church.

These items were discovered unscathed after five feet of water streamed into the family home, leaving Cynthia Pierce to believe that she and her husband were receiving an encouraging sign from God to let them know that, despite their struggles, they aren't alone.

While much of the family's furniture was overturned during the flood, the Bible was found unhindered by water on top of a chair, where Pierce's husband had left it before they evacuated, according to WACH-TV.

"When we came back, it was dry, so apparently that chair went up with the water and came right back down," she told the outlet.

Pierce believes that the table on which the check was sitting also floated with the check on it before resting back down, as she said that the check, too, was completely dry.

The family was forced to throw out most of their belongings and gut their home, but after losing almost everything, Pierce said that they have not abandoned hope.

"God has been so precious to us, and he is walking with us through this, and we know that every day we are facing is not going to be easy, but we are clinging to our faith and our God," she told WACH-TV.



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