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‘We Have Lost Our Picture’: World Series Broadcast Interrupted by ‘Technical Difficulties’


"experiencing technical difficulties"

Image source: Screen grab

The World Series broadcast on Fox was disrupted during Game One Tuesday evening due to technical problems.

Viewers were suddenly greeted with a message that explained the network was "experiencing technical difficulties" about half way through the game.

Image source: Screen grab

After briefly flashing the message on the screen, Fox cut away to three anchors in a studio who explained the technical glitch was the result of a loss of power to a broadcast truck.

"We have lost our picture," one of the broadcasters said.

The game was delayed as officials worked to stream a useable feed to American viewers. Ultimately, Fox started streaming Major League Baseball's international feed while it attempted to fix its own.

According to a Fox reporter, both teams agreed to resume play without a replay ability during the fiasco.

Later in the game, with Fox still using the international feed, the problem occurred again. A black screen was flashed before the feed cut away to the three anchors. Fox fixed the problem quickly, again putting the international feed back on screen.

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