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Shocking Classroom Video Will Leave You Hoping for a Hero to Put Teacher’s Out-of-Control Bully in His Place — but That Moment Never Comes


"Sit your ass down in your chair."

As an unruly student verbally berates a teacher, upends classroom furniture and tosses objects at the teacher, the rest of the rowdy students laugh and egg him on — and it was all captured on a student's cellphone video.

In the video, obtained by the Daily Mail, a black male student walks around the classroom lifting furniture and yelling at the teacher. The small black female teacher, whom the students referred to as Ms. Cox, simply remains despondent throughout the video and appears visibly weary.

Image source: Screen grab from Daily Mail video

"I'm going to smack her ass with a whole bag of M&Ms," the male student says and appears to actually throw a bag of the candy at the teacher while other students laugh.

One female student appears to attempt to hold the male back, but she does so laughing.

In the video, the teacher eventually stands up and attempts to regain control of the classroom, but the male student comes behind her desk alongside her, looking through her desk drawers and demanding to get the M&Ms back. The teacher picks up a pile of paper and tries to discuss an assignment, but the male student wouldn't let her.

"Sit your ass down in your chair," he demands.

Image source: Screen grab from Daily Mail video

The teacher calmly asks someone else in the classroom to get security.

"OK, young lady, I'm going to ask you to have a seat. Have a seat," the teacher, who looks visibly tired, told the girl filming the altercation at one point.

Eventually, another female student comes behind her desk and yells at the teacher — apparently for letting the other students talk to her in an unkind way. The female student punched the blackboard behind the teacher with her fist as she yells at her.

Image source: Screen grab from Daily Mail video

The video eventually ends when it sounds like someone else entered the room and other students are heard saying, "Be quiet."

As the Daily Mail reported, it is unclear where this incident took place.

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