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See How NYC Protesters Respond When Asked if They Think Israel Should Free Palestinian Terrorists


"There is only one solution."

A group of protesters who gathered in New York City Friday called for the release of all Palestinian prisoners held by the state of Israel regardless of their role in terrorist acts against civilians.

"Israel... has no legitimacy to imprison any of them regardless of any charges," Joe Catron of the Samidoun Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network told TheBlaze.

"When there is oppression and occupation people have the right to resist it regardless of whatever label the oppressors put on them whether its terrorism or any other ludicrous slogan they want to put on them," explained Nick, another protester from the same group.

The demonstrators gathered outside the offices of G4S, a security firm which they say provides technology services for Israeli prisons. They also called for "intifada" in Israel and the Palestinian territories.

"There is only one solution," they chanted. "Intifada, revolution."

"Netanyahu you will see, the fumes of the Intifada you will breathe," they continued, referring to Benjamin Netanyahu, the current prime minister of Israel.

The First and Second Intifadas were conflicts beginning in the late 1980s and early 2000s, respectively, which cost the lives of hundreds of Israeli and thousands of Palestinians civilians.

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