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Top Kentucky Democrat Delivers Awkward Speech After Tuesday's Election


"I don’t know whether Jesus would have been a Democrat or Republican."


Moments after election results poured in and it became clear Kentucky GOP candidate Matt Bevin had become only the second Republican to win the state's governorship in four decades, state House Speaker Greg Stumbo turned to theology in his speech to fellow Kentucky Democrats.

Stumbo's hermeneutical rant started when he addressed the perception that Democrats are less "godly" than Republicans. He went on to say, though the holy book doesn't address Republicans or Democrats directly, "The Bible is a book of parables."

"I don’t know whether Jesus would have been a Democrat or Republican, and nobody else does, but I know this. He was a carpenter and a teacher, and I bet every carpenter and teacher I know are pretty good Democrats," Stumbo said.

Stumbo's speech was heavily criticized Tuesday night on social media.

In reaction to Tuesday night's election results, Stumbo said it was a "night some of us didn't see coming," but he told Democratic voters, "There's a dawn tomorrow."

"If, in fact, the Bible is a book of parables, like I believe it is, think about this: Mary did not ride an elephant into Bethlehem that night. So you go home and you go to your church and you tell people, I’m a Democrat, I’m a God-fearing Democrat," Stumbo told the crowd.

Watch Stumbo's speech:

(H/T: The Federalist)

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