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Shep Smith Blows Up on Guest for Alleging Doctors Without Borders Supports Terrorists: 'Excuse Me?



Fox News host Shepard Smith ripped into a former CIA operations officer Thursday after the guest alleged Doctors Without Borders provides support to known terrorists.

The ex-CIA covert officer, Joshua Katz, had been invited on the program to discus the deadly U.S. airstrike on a hospital in Afghanistan when he made the remark.

“We have Doctors Without Borders who in all cases are actually providing material support to terrorists,” Katz said. "They have knowingly and willingly admitted."

The comment took Smith off guard.

“Excuse me?” Smith interjected.

“Doctors Without Borders here Shep has said that they have provided support to the Taliban,” Katz doubled down.

“Oh hang on,” Smith shot back. “What doctors do is treat the wounded in war zones around the world since time began. Are you suggesting here that they should have not treated members of the — the ‘terrorists’ as you call them, when they were bleeding and at their doorstep. They should have said, ‘No go away?'”

[sharequote align="center"]“What doctors do is treat the wounded in war zones around the world since time began."[/sharequote]

Smith continued, adding that he found Katz's comment "disgusting." Katz, for his part, argued that there are "two sides" to the story and said that Doctors Without Borders should not be treating members of the Taliban.

"So hospitals should be checking IDs at the door? You may be dying, I am a doctor who has taken an oath to treat the wounded no matter what, no matter were. It sounds like you are putting some of the blame on the doctors who put themselves in harms way and died trying to save people," Smith argued back.

The two continued to clash throughout the nearly seven-minute segment, ultimately ending with Smith sharply thanking him for his time on the program.

(H/T: Mediaite)

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