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Glenn Beck Says We Are 'Worthless Human Beings' if We Don't Wake Up: 'Surely We Can Do Better


"My gosh, we're obscene."

Glenn Beck said Thursday on The Glenn Beck Program, leading up to Thursday night's premiere of "6 Days in Iraq," that the persecution of women and Christians is happening, but not in the United States, as many might think. 

"We keep saying, 'Christians are being persecuted in America.' Get over it — no we're not," Beck said emphatically. "And the war on women. Get over it — no you're not. There is persecution on Christians, there is persecution on women, but it's happening in the Middle East and it's happening in China."

"If we can't wake up to those guys, we're doomed," Beck continued. "We're worthless Christians and worthless human beings if we can't wake up to this."

Beck went on to recount an interview he recently conducted with the founder of China's "Underground Railroad," a system used to funnel Christians out of harm's way. Beck shared with his audience the horrific experiences the man he described endured when he was arrested by the Chinese government.

"He's in a 20-foot cell, with 30 other people — they're drug users, they're bad, they're really bad people," Beck said. "And he's brought in. He said he finds a place in the corner, next to the toilet, on this wet, concrete floor in the middle of this dungeon."

Continuing to describe the situation, Beck recalled, "He finds a place to just get in the fetal position, and how grateful he was for the blessing to be able to have that spot where he could sleep for a few hours."

As he read that man's story, Beck said he thought, "Who are we? Who do we think we are?"

Beck went on to ask his audience what we are protesting, with people saying they "can't make it in America" because of their ethnicity and religion.

"We are protesting because of what?" Beck asked. "We're calling it persecution. We're saying, 'I can't make it in America because I'm a different color or I'm a different religion?' Muslims or Christians are saying you're being persecuted here in America — my gosh, we're obscene."

Moving forward, Beck said the only solution is telling the stories from places like China and the Middle East because it "puts our ship right" and gives us "perspective."

"We don't have a little square by a toilet in a cell," Beck said. "We have the United States of America."

Beck said watching the events that unfold on "6 Days in Iraq," which premieres Thursday at 8 p.m. on TheBlaze TV, and seeing Christians in the churches in the war-torn Middle East, makes him want to be a "better Christian."

"If they can be like that, surely I can be better," Beck concluded.

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