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Glenn Beck Sounds Off on Black Lives Matter Protestors' 'Outrageous' Response to Paris Attacks


"So it's not 'Black Lives Matter.' I don't even think it's 'Lives Matter.' It is just 'Agenda Matters.'"

Glenn Beck ripped many Black Lives Matter protesters at Mizzou last night in an interview with Fox News Channel's Megyn Kelly, calling the activists response to last week's terrorist attack in Paris "outrageous."

After the deadly attack that left at least 129 dead and hundreds more injured, many of the movement's protesters took to Twitter to share their thoughts, comparing the events in Paris to the "terrorist" attack at Mizzou.

"The tweets are outrageous," Beck told Kelly. "It shows you that their agenda matters. ... If black lives mattered, they'd be in Chicago right now and raising hell over the 9-year-old that was killed in cold blood."

"So it's not 'Black Lives Matter,'" Beck continued. "I don't even think it's 'Lives Matter.' It is just 'Agenda Matters.'"

Beck went on to share with Kelly words from the Afrikan Black Coalition's most recent article "A New Constitution or the Bullet."

"Do we not have the right to abolish the laws that oppress us," Beck read to Kelly. "It's time we demand a new constitution or tell America she'll get the bullet. If America doesn't protect us, then it's our right to defend ourselves by any means necessary."

The article goes on to say the Coalition must "pick up where the Black Panthers left off" in order to get a new constitution, or the U.S. will get "the bullet."

According to Beck, the recent rash of violence and protests across college campuses is being led by university professors and the "leftists and the anarchists and the socialists in our university systems." Beck told Kelly revolutions are always started in the universities.

"We have got to find our way to each other in the universities," Beck concluded. "Because I really truly believe 2016 is going to look an awful lot like 1968."

Watch Beck's interview with Kelly below:

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