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In One Sentence, Charles Krauthammer Contrasts French President and Obama’s Reaction to the Paris Terrorist Attacks


"The French has said this is an act of war, and he calls it a 'setback.'"

Image source: Fox News

In just one sentence, conservative columnist Charles Krauthammer was able to contrast the reactions to Friday's terrorist attacks in Paris from French President Francois Hollande to that of President Barack Obama.

Krauthammer said people are merely looking for "some sign of passion or commitment" regarding the Islamic State.

"The French have said this is an act of war, and he calls it a 'setback,'" Krauthammer said.

Speaking at the G-20 Summit in Turkey, Obama called the Paris terrorist attacks a "terrible and sickening setback" in fighting the Islamic State.

"The strategy that we are putting forward is the strategy that is ultimately is going to work," Obama said Monday. "It's going to take time."

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