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MSNBC Host Chris Matthews Repeatedly Grills Dem. Gov. on Syrian Refugees With One Simple Question


"You're advocating it!"

MSNBC host Chris Matthews grilled Delaware Gov. Jack Markell Tuesday night, repeatedly asking the Democratic governor if he would take responsibility should a Syrian refugee ultimately find his or her way into terrorism.

“Suppose one of the people that come into your state, under your support, does go terrorist, does become a recruit, becomes a cell member. Would you feel responsible for their actions?” Matthews asked.

"Well, I think we would all feel awful," Markell replied.

Matthews didn't let him off the hook.

"No, you personally," he interjected. "Would you personally feel responsible — as chief executive having advocated the admission of these Syrian refugees into Delaware — would you personally accept responsibility for their behavior?"

"Well, yes and," Markell answered. "Let's remember that it's a federal program."

"But you're advocating it! You're saying bring them on. You're saying yes. You are coming onto TV to say it's a good thing," Matthews shot back.

The Delaware governor said it's important to remember that many of the refugees are women and children. Matthews wondered throughout the segment why so many young males are feeling Syria instead of staying and fighting to reclaim their country.

(H/T: Mediaite)

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