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Video Demonstrates Hillary Clinton’s Unusual Evolution on Gadhafi Regime


"Well, we did have a plan."

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Ahead of Hillary Clinton's national security speech set for Thursday, a conservative group released a video to remind voters that the former secretary of state was for the Gadhafi government in Libya before she was against it.

During the Democratic presidential debate Saturday, Clinton justified the 2011 airstrikes on Libya in part because dictator Moammar Gadhafi had killed so many Americans.

American Crossroads is promoting a video of Clinton meeting with the tyrant’s son, Mutassim Gadhafi, then Libya's national security adviser.

“We deeply value the relationship between the United States and Libya,” Clinton said.

Clinton’s national security address happens as the Islamic State is seen as gaining ground in Libya in part because of the vacuum left by the United States.

Former Defense Secretary Bob Gates said that Clinton’s post-Libyan war plan was to “play it by ear.”

During Saturday's Democratic CBS News debate, Clinton explained the justification for the strikes and that there was a plan.

Well, we did have a plan. And I think it's fair to say that of all of the Arab leaders, Gaddafi probably had more blood on his hands of Americans than anybody else. And when he moved on his own people threatening a mass genocide — the Europeans and the Arabs, our allies and partners — did ask for American help. And we provided it. And we didn't put a single boot on the ground. And Gaddafi was deposed.

The Libyans turned out for one of the most successful Arab elections that any Arab country has had. They elected moderate leaders. Now there has been a lot of turmoil and trouble as they have tried to deal with these radical elements, which you find in this arc of instability from North Africa to Afghanistan. And it is imperative that we do more — not only to help our friends and partners protect themselves and protect our own homeland but also to work to try to deal with this arc of instability which does have a lot of impact on what happens in a country like Libya.

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