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Bill O'Reilly Concludes Talking Points Memo With 13-Word Claim Sure to Rile Up Political Left


"That's what is truly going on."

"The uber-left wants traditional America wiped off the face of the Earth."

Those were the 13 words Fox News host Bill O'Reilly used Tuesday night to conclude a no holds barred Talking Points Memo on immigration.

The conservative personality came to his audacious conclusion after listing off six points from "the left's secret immigration plan," which appeared to be based off a New York Times editorial praising Sen. Bernie Sanders' (D-Vt.) plan.

O'Reilly said that the left only wants to describe those who enter the U.S. as "immigrants," regardless of whether the individual entered the U.S. legally or illegally.

"If you use the term 'illegal alien,' you're a bigot," O'Reilly said.

The Fox News host continued, arguing the left wants open borders, no restrictions on who should be permitted to immigrate to the country and demands a pathway to citizenship for those already here.

"The radical left immigration vision would profoundly change all of America’s traditions, all of them," O'Reilly said. "And that's what the left wants, because that ideology sees the American Judeo-Christian tradition as oppressive, exploitative and a white privilege legacy."

"Thus, the uber-left wants traditional America wiped off the face of the Earth. That's what is truly going on. And if Americans don't wise up quickly, the left-wing vision of immigration may very well become a reality."

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