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That's the Culture Today': Cops Reveal Everyday Challenges They Face in Aftermath of Ferguson


"He kept on saying 'Mike Brown me' and how we are all racist and everything like that."

Small-town police officers revealed in a new video posted Tuesday the challenges they encounter while performing their jobs since the events in Ferguson ignited anti-cop sentiment throughout portions of the country.

The Independent Journal, which produced the video, said it featured a set of interviews with both seasoned and rookie officers.

Monroe police officer J. Roelant explained he once encountered a man who dared him to "Mike Brown" him.

"He just flips out on me and says, 'Mike Brown me motherf***er! C'mon, all you f***ing pigs are just trying to beat up on me! C'mon, get me! Get me!'" Roelant told IJ. "We are not trying to do that. He kept on saying 'Mike Brown me' and how we are all racist and everything like that."

The officer added, "It had nothing to do with race. He was arrested because he beat up his significant other."

Other officers told their own stories.

One black officer said racial slurs are often hurled at him. Another said when he waves to pedestrians on the street, he often gets the middle finger in return.

"That's the culture today," echoed an additional officer, adding that the media always seems to portray officers as being in the wrong.

Law enforcement officials have previously talked about the "Ferguson effect." FBI Director James Comey suggested crime was spiking in part because there has been a “chill wind blowing through American law enforcement over the last year.” Comey's claim, however, was dismissed by President Barack Obama who contended the data didn't support it.

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