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Security Guards Caught on Video Getting a Little Extra Rough With College Students Who Rush Football Field


"This is not the kind of thing I want."

The University of Houston has cut ties with a security company whose guards were caught on video punching, tackling and wrestling with students who rushed the field after Saturday's conference championship win against Temple University.

One clip showed a student getting punched in the head by a security guard:

Another showed a security guard bodyslamming a fan on the field:

"This is not the kind of thing I want," University President Renu Khator told KTRK-TV. "It's our university. It's our students. And nobody has the right to treat our students in this manner."

But one guard told the station there's more to the story.

"Everybody was told no students were allowed on the field," the anonymous guard said on audio only. "They said they did it last game, but this game it wouldn't be done."

"Even I got run over by a couple of students," the guard said. "But I just got up and kept doing my job." He added that he doesn't condone his fellow guards' behavior.

(H/T: Philly.com)

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