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Veteran Visibly Stunned on CNN as Author Claims Islamic Terrorists Are Becoming 'More Like Americans' — Then He Speaks Up




Conservative commentator Kurt Schlichter, an Army veteran, was visibly stunned on the air Tuesday when author Arun Kundnani alleged that Islamic terrorists are “becoming more like Americans” and integrating into the “gun culture.”

“Wow,” Schlichter first responded to Kundnani’s not-so-subtle gun control talking point.


Donald Trump surrogate Scottie Hughes got the first chance to react to Kundnani’s assertion, arguing that less people would have died in the San Bernardino massacre if “every person in that room in California had a gun on their ankle.”

Citing his his own military service, Schlichter said he trusts Muslims he has worked and served with, but “the truth is the truth.”

“I don’t need to be lectured when I spent two deployments protecting Muslims, giving years of my life and risking it to protect Muslims. So don’t start telling me that I’m Islamophobic,” he added. “There is a cancer in the Muslim community, and the first responders have to be other Muslims.”

Watch the segment via CNN below:

(H/T: Mediaite)


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