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Glenn Beck: U.S. Elected an 'Angry Black Man' as President in 2008

Glenn Beck: U.S. Elected an 'Angry Black Man' as President in 2008

"What's happened in the last nine years?"

Glenn Beck charged President Barack Obama Thursday with being responsible for reversing the United States to "pre-1960s America" in the way it sees race.

"Why is this country in the situation that it's in right now? Nine years ago, if you go back and you look at the stories that were printed nine, 10 years ago, they were all saying that this generation is the first generation to not see race," the radio host said on The Glenn Beck Radio Program. "So the kids who are now in college and in high school, they were the first ones not to see race."

Following the first few months after Obama was sworn in as president in 2009, 66 percent of Americans said race relations were generally good, according to a New York Times/CBS News poll. That same poll showed only 37 percent of Americans felt race relations were generally good in 2015.

"What's happened in the last nine years?  What has changed?" Beck continued. "How did a group of people that didn't see race now all of a sudden be pre-1960s America? How did that happen?"

According to Beck, racial division intensified in the U.S. because Americans elected a president with an "ideology that has nothing to do with the American psyche."

"We elected an angry black man," Beck posited. "Now, he doesn't come off as an angry black man. He comes off as a guy who just wants to unite and have hope and everything else, but he surrounds himself — and has his entire life — with people like Jeremiah Wright."

Beck said that he believes all of Obama's policies reflect an ideology similar to that of Jeremiah Wright, the president's former pastor, and not "the image that he portrays." Additionally, the radio host charged that "the entire left" works to create racial discord.

"[Obama's] entire administration, the entire left has gone to stir people up and make them angry at each other based on race," Beck charged.

Beck said that in 2016 the U.S. needs to elect a "uniter" and "someone to articulate the American dream."

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