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Donald Trump Demands Apology From Hillary Clinton Over Refuted Islamic State Claim: ‘She Lies About Everything’


"She will be a disaster as President of the United States.."

Image credit: "Today" show/screenshot

Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump is demanding that Hillary Clinton apologize for saying during Saturday's Democratic debate that the Islamic State is using videos of Trump to recruit militants.

Speaking on NBC's "Today" show Monday morning, the billionaire businessman claimed that Clinton "always lies," saying the former secretary of state would be a "disaster" as president.

Image credit: "Today" show/screenshot

"I will demand an apology from Hillary," Trump said. "I will demand an apology from Hillary, she should apologize."

"She lies about emails, she lies about Whitewater, she lies about everything," the real estate mogul added. "She will be a disaster as president of the United States."

When challenged by show host Matt Lauer if he's being hypocritical, given the fact that he has yet to prove his 9/11 comments, Trump said he's been "exonerated," citing a Washington Post and Breitbart article that supported his claim that Muslims in New Jersey were celebrating on 9/11.

"I've been totally exonerated from that, I've had headlines exonerating me and saying 'Trump was right,'" he said.

Later in the interview, Lauer asked Trump about his relationship with Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, inquiring if the two have a pact to be cordial to one another. Trump denied the assertion, and instead made a prediction about the 2016 race for the Republican nomination.

"Ultimately, it's probably going to come down to me against him," Trump said, referring to Cruz.

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