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Warriors Fan Picks Most Inopportune Time to Mock LeBron James


"Kind of like when you fall flat on your face..."

Sitting courtside at an NBA game, fans are oftentimes close to the game's stars — sometimes too close, as one Golden State Warriors fan learned Friday.

During the second quarter, as the Cleveland Cavaliers were tied with the Golden State Warriors, one female fan took the opportunity to mock NBA great Lebron James — only there was one problem. Standing only a few feet in front of her, he turned around.

The fan attempted to pull off her crybaby motions, but with James' side-eye, it didn't seem to work.

USA Today's For the Win described the awkward moment:

"She played it off well enough, though. Kind of like when you fall flat on your face and knock out 10 quick push-ups like that was your plan all along. When LeBron comes around, she be quiet. But when LeBron leaves, she be talking again."

The Cavs lost to the Warriors on during the special Christmas game, 89 to 83.

(H/T: SB Nation)

Front image: David Sherman/NBAE via Getty Images

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