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Hillary Clinton's Campaign Move That Has Donald Trump Crying 'So Inappropriate!


"I will do far more for women than Hillary."

Ralph Freso/Getty Images

As Hillary Clinton plans to unleash her "secret weapon" — her husband, Bill — GOP presidential rival Donald Trump is calling sexism.

In a series of tweets Saturday night, Trump said he would "do far more for women" than former Secretary of State Clinton and slammed her husband as demonstrating a "penchant for sexism" — twisting Clinton's own accusation against Trump back at her husband.

"I think [Bill] is fair game because his presidency was considered to be very troubled, to put it mildly, because of all of the things that she's talking to me about," Trump said Sunday morning during an interview on "Fox and Friends Weekend."

"She's playing the 'women card' and it's like, give me a break. I've had so many women come up to me, and say, 'you've got to keep her out, she's just terrible.' She's playing that 'women card' left and right, and women are more upset about it than anybody else, including most men," he continued.

Trump speculated that the former president will "come under attack" from more candidates other than himself.

The Republican presidential frontrunner's own campaign has been quick to point out any perceived sexism when discussing Clinton's own husband. Trump spokeswoman Katrina Pierson accused Clinton of "bullying" several women in order "to hide her husband's misogynist, sexist secrets" during an interview on CNN last week.

Fox News contributor Katherine Timpf also said Clinton "successfully shamed every abused woman who threatened her husband's career" and slammed the candidate for calling herself a feminist.

The feud between Clinton and Trump escalated after the business mogul made some vulgar comments regarding her long bathroom breaks during the last Democratic presidential debate and her 2008 loss to President Barack Obama.

Watch Trump's interview with "Fox and Friends" below.

Front image: Ralph Freso/Getty Images

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