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Shocking Video Shows Egyptian Forces Shoot Dozens of Bullets at Naked Man Wading Across Sea Border


"It is clearly a cold-blooded execution, committed in broad daylight."

Image source: YouTube/Al Jazeera

Video has emerged showing the shocking moment Egyptian forces shot dozens of bullets at a naked, mentally ill Palestinian man wading in the shallow water off of the Egypt-Gaza border, as a Palestinian security guard repeatedly shouted at them to stop.

The video which was broadcast on Al Jazeera showed the man cross a fence Thursday from Gaza into Egypt, then wade toward the shore. Even after he was incapacitated and blood could be seen in the water, more shots were fired at him.

A longer excerpt of the video posted online showed more than three dozen shots fired at the man, killing him.

The victim’s family identified him as Ishaq Khalil Hassan, 28, and said that he suffered from mental illness. (Content warning: graphic video)

A spokesman for Hamas’ Interior Ministry said, "It is clearly a cold-blooded execution, committed in broad daylight."

"I don't think Hassan was fully aware or expecting that the Egyptian army would actually shoot at him," his cousin Ahmad told Al Jazeera.

There was no immediate comment from the Egyptian Interior Ministry, Reuters reported.

The harsh criticism from Hamas which rules the Gaza Strip prompted the family of a mentally ill Israeli man who crossed into Gaza in September to accuse the Islamist movement of hypocrisy.

There has been no word on the fate of Avraham Mengistu, 28, since he illegally crossed into Gaza. The Israeli government said he is being held by the ruling Hamas, an assertion Hamas has not confirmed.

“It’s outrageous and shocking that a terrorist organization that keeps a mentally ill person instead of sending him home dares to cry out and demand prosecution for those responsible [for allegedly ‘executing’ a mentally ill Palestinian]. It is the height of hypocrisy,” the Mengistu family said in a statement reported by the Times of Israel Sunday.

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