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Carson Advisor Takes Jab at Cruz on Faith, Insists Carson 'Only True Authentic Evangelical' in Race


"There are a lot of people who talk a good game about their faith"

A longtime advisor to Ben Carson seemingly questioned 2016 rival Ted Cruz's devotion to his faith Thursday, adding that he thought the retired neurosurgeon was in fact the "only true authentic evangelical Christian" running for president.

Armstrong Williams, who serves as Carson's business manager, but has no official role in his political campaign, stressed Carson's devout faith during a New Year's Eve CNN appearance.

"You know, listen: Dr. Carson, in my opinion, is the only true authentic evangelical Christian in the race," he said. "He is very sincere, he is very real."

Williams then implied Cruz and Donald Trump don't live their lives in accordance with the faith they espouse.

"There are a lot of people who talk a good game about their faith, including Mr. Trump and Mr. Cruz — Dr. Carson lives it," he said.

The comments from Williams came just hours after Carson's campaign manger, deputy campaign manager and communications director left the campaign.

The remarks also come as Trump touts his evangelical faith in Iowa and goes after Cruz by urging voters to "just remember" that, to his knowledge, "not too many evangelicals come out of Cuba."

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