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A Presidential Candidate Started Talking to an NYC Cabbie About God, What Happened Next Left Him Stunned


"I don't know why I came to New York. But, that's a pretty good result."

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During a recent visit to New York City, 2016 presidential hopeful Rick Santorum witnessed what he described to TheBlaze as a taxicab "conversion."

The incident reportedly happened Monday night after Santorum and two associates were riding in a cab on the West Side of Manhattan.

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In an interview with TheBlaze, the former Pennsylvania senator talked about being in the back of the cab and noticing the driver looking back at him in the rear view mirror. "I know you, you're Rick Santorum," the cabbie said.

Santorum replied, "Yes, I am," and asked the driver his name.

Kenneth, the cab driver — who also happens to be a black man living in Harlem — surprised Santorum and his crew by telling them he is a Republican who likes the candidate's positions on the family.

Richard, one of the two men who were with Santorum, is also a pastor. He started to engage Kenneth in conversation, asking the cab driver about his faith. When asked, "What do you think of Jesus?" Kenneth reportedly responded, "Oh, that's not for me."

As Santorum told it, "So Richard starts to talk to him about the Christian faith."

"Let's just put it this way, before we got out, we started to have this conversation about our faith, my faith, Richard's faith," said Santorum. "At the end for the cab ride, Richard talked to him about accepting Christ and he did...right there at the end of the cab ride."

Santorum ended his story by saying, "I don't know why I came to New York. But that's a pretty good result."

You can hear from Rick Santorum's NYC interview this Saturday morning on TheBlaze Radio.


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