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Glenn Beck Shares the 'Meet the Press' Clip He Believes Cruz Should Use in an Ad Against Trump


"If I'm running the Cruz campaign, I'm making that into a commercial."

Glenn Beck suggested Monday morning that it is time for Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) to start setting his sights on GOP front-runner Donald Trump.

According to Beck, the Democrats, the media and the establishment GOP are "not afraid" of Trump, adding that he believes the establishment is now "starting to embrace" the billionaire candidate. However, the radio host believes the press is "truly afraid" of Cruz.

Beck made his case using commentary from Sunday's episode of NBC's "Meet the Press."

"Establishment Republicans are jumping on Cruz for this because they fear him as a Republican nominee more than they fear Trump," Alex Castellanos said Sunday. "They're beginning to get comfortable with the idea that Trump, OK, he's a dealmaker. He's a salesman. He'll adapt. He'll make the next deal. He can run left of Hillary or whatever."

"Cruz is bound to who he is," Castellanos continued.

Watch the exchange, the relevant portion begins around 27 minutes:

"Meet the Press" host Chuck Todd echoed Castellanos, saying he believes — if forced to choose — the GOP establishment will side with Trump over Cruz.

"If I'm running the Cruz campaign, I'm making that into a commercial," Beck said.

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