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‘Don’t You Need to Address it?’: CNN Host Asks Hillary About Allegation She’s ‘Enabler’ for Husband


"He's saying that you are an enabler of bad behavior and of sexual assault."

Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton was pressed on Tuesday by a CNN reporter who asked her to address allegations that she is an "enabler" for her husband, former President Bill Clinton.

"I want to talk about an issue that Donald Trump wants to make an issue and that is allegations from your husband's past," Alisyn Camerota told Clinton. "He is going further than actually that. He's making it about you. He's saying that you are an enabler of bad behavior and of sexual assault."

"I have no response," Clinton replied. "I am going to let him say whatever he wants to say. He can run his campaign however he wishes. I am going to keep talking about what the next president will have to do starting January 2017."

Camerota, however, didn't appear satisfied with the answer. She pressed Clinton again.

"But when someone accuses you of being an enabler of sexual assault, don't you need to respond to it?" she asked. "I mean, particularly since this is an issue that you wanted to talk to on the campaign trail — campus sexual assault."

"You say that survivors need to be believed and need to be heard," Camerota continued. "So when he's accusing you of doing something that is the antithesis of what you want to talk about, don't you need to address it?"

"I am going to let the voters decided what is relevant and what isn't relevant in their decision as to who they are going to support."

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