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Listen to the Three Words Jordan's King Abdullah II Uses to Describe Radical Islamic Terrorists


"How I've explained it..."

Jordan's King Abdullah II had three brazen words Wednesday to refer to radical Islamic terrorists.

They are "outlaws of Islam," he told CNN host Wolf Blitzer during a sit-down interview.

"How I've explained it — it's not just ISIS. All these groups, whether from the Philippines or Indonesia, all the way to Mali. These are all the same," Abdullah said.

"Whether it's ISIS, Boko Haram, Al Shabaab, al-Nusra. Wherever you find them around the world — again as I said from Asia all the way to the African continent," he continued. "There is either a full-out war or insurgency warfare."

"This is a global struggle that rings, as I've said many times, that brings Muslims, Christians, Jews, other religions fighting alongside us as we fight our civil war inside of Islam," Abdullah added.

In his interview with CNN, Abdullah said Jordan has hit a "tremendous" amount of Islamic State targets, but noted he would like to hit more.

"I think you'll see an increasing tempo," he said.

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