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Glenn Beck Asks Benghazi Security Team If Rumors About Amb. Chris Stevens' Body Are True — See the Answer He Gets


"It really hurt the families when they did that."

Ever since the Sept. 11, 2012, attack on the Benghazi consulate, speculation has been swirling as to whether or not Amb. Chris Stevens' body was mutilated. In fact, even Snopes says it is "undetermined." Glenn Beck, however, got a definitive answer Thursday night.

"It's not true," U.S. Benghazi security team member John "Tig" Tiegen quickly responded to Beck, who was asking for clarification on the subject. "He was never mutilated, sodomized, none of that happened."

In addition, team member Kris "Tanto" Paronto interjected, saying that was something he specifically wanted to examine. "That was really big to me, to make sure that didn't happen, so I did inspect his body," he said.

Paronto voiced frustration at those who spread rumors that Stevens' body had been mutilated, telling Beck that it made him "a little upset."

"I got a little upset at that. I know people had some things in mind, ... but it really hurt the families when they did that," Paronto said. "That was also another reason we decided to come out and tell the truth."

"I wouldn't want my mother thinking that, so no, he was not sodomized, he was not dragged through the streets. I physically looked at his body," he added.

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